About Magna Mindz

About Magna Mindz

Our Magna Mindz family believes that play is fundamental to healthy growth and development. The importance and purpose of play is to help build a solid foundation for future learning.

We currently carry a variety of toys, puzzles, games and manipulatives to help children grow and develop their cognitive, social-emotional, physical and language skills. So…let them play! Keep in mind that play is not always about the end product, it’s all about the process.

Magna Mindz is also a work in progress and we are working very hard to bring you unique products to spark your child’s curiosity, imagination and creativity. Come Visit Us Soon!

So what makes Magna Mindz different?

Our store was opened with a mission to keep kids away from those iPads, TV’s, phones and focus on developing their skills through play. For that, we partnered with top educational toy manufactures in the U.S. to bring you the best learning toys in the industry. We carry toys and other products that offer different ways to play and learn. Out of everything that we carry, we hope to encourage and boost
Free Play
Imagination and Role Play
STEM skills and much more

As we are very strong believers in the concept of learning through play, we also offer interactive kids gaming to boost their skills. In the next few weeks, we will be starting our expert teachers curated workshops to boost your child’s cognitive, social emotional, motor and STEM skills.

We love being a neighborhood, educational toy store. Contact us with any questions, concerns or special requests you may have. We do transactions via phone and email and will ship anywhere within the U.S. We will love to hear from you!